Monthly Archives: April 2010

Anthony Raynard wins 1st Supermotard

Anthony Raynard entered and won his 1st Motard race at the Cape Town National

After riding the motard twice before that was on loan from Lourens van Rensburg of Enduro Tours Africa he decided to enter the S2 class at

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Endurance Training

Endurance training: understanding your slow twitch muscle fibres will boost performance

Muscles – like the rest of the body – are made up of cells, and in muscles these cells form muscle fibres. What are muscle fibres?

Muscles –

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Carbohydrates-forget the rest

The role of carbohydrates in sports performance might be one of the most thoroughly researched topics in the field of sports nutrition, but that doesn’t stop it constantly throwing up new surprises! Read any biochemistry textbook on carbohydrates nutrition and

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