Pelotrain/Race Nation Honda Michael Kok Supermotard National Report.

The second round of the South African National Supermoto Championship was held this past Easter weekend at the Killarney Circuit in Cape Town. The Killarney Short Oval is used to set up the race track and it provides for one of the most spectator friendly and exciting race track that motorsport fans could wish for with at least 80% of the track visible from any one of the vantage points.  The track consists of 70% tar and a 30% dirt section.

Easter morning started off rather bright and sunny with the nip of winter in the air and Michael in a relaxed mood ready for the day ahead. Just after riders briefing Mike made a spur of the moment decision to ride the Open Tar class which this year is a championship title class.  He usually only participates in the top gun 450cc S1 Class.


Mike is known as the dirt king…and tar is most definitely not his forte but the Kokstar is always up for a challenge!  Qualify saw Michael in a very unfamiliar 12th place position on the grid. Heat 1 was completed by Michael finishing in a more comfortable 3rd place position. The second and final heat of the Open Tar class saw the Kokstar throwing caution to the wind on the tar and taking the win with a very unexpected 1st place overall position for the day in the Open Tar Class.


Michael’s focus is most definitely the premium S1 class. The competitors in this particular class form the cream of the crop when it comes to Supermoto Racing in SA.

Practice saw Michael in a good confident mood and failing to remember that winter had seemed to set in early, his tyres were not warm yet and he took a turn a little fast and ended up high siding, luckily unhurt but with a bit of a bruised confidence.

By the time qualify had arrived the weather had turned a little and it was rather cold with heavy skies and the threat of rain. Having not had an ideal practice Michael made a mature decision to take it very easy during qualify, warm his tyres up well, scrub them in and work out his race lines for the day. At the end of qualifying he was placed 7th on the grid for the start of heat 1. 

Heat 1 saw Michael up into 3rd place by the first turn of the dirt section and definitely a man on a mission… then came the rain!!!! A whole lot of fast bikes with slicks on in wet conditions…not the best situation!!! However Michael rode smart and pushed where he could in the dirt section making sure he was right on the rear wheel of fellow rival and competitor Brian Capper for a couple of laps before moving up into 2nd place and on hot pursuit of 1st place rider Kyle Smythe. This was not to be and the race came to an end with Michael finishing heat 1 in 2nd place.

The rain did not cease but came down harder leaving the officials with no choice but to declare the heats to follow wet weather races meaning the riders could now put their wets on. By the start of heat 2 there were numerous ominous puddles on the track. Not ideal race conditions for the riders or spectators but proving to be a lot of fun for both parties. The start of heat 2 saw Michael in 2nd place hot on the heels of Brian Capper for a lap or two before Brian went down in the dirt allowing Michael to snatch the 1st place position. Once in the lead the Kokstar was in a league of his own and seamlessly taking the track in his own stride and challenging himself at every opportunity. Finishing heat 2 in 1st place position.

With the rain still pouring and a very wet circuit heat 3 saw a fired up Kok with the whole shot and a 1st place position leading the race from start to finish with the adoring fans on the side lines egging him on to perform in the usual Kokstar fashion…. no other normal human would have ridden like that and whipped the bike the way Mike did in the very wet conditions. But for the love of fans…Mikey will do anything!!!! On his last parade lap he gave the spectators at various sections of a circuit a bit of a show and urged them to cheer him on for a Kokstar souvenir or two in the form of his Von Zipper race winning goggles and his custom made sponsor race vest. His overall 1st place position and outstanding performance in far from ideal conditions earned him the name “Rain Master”.

Michael: “They say that things that do not start off well usually end well…. and for me today that was exactly it. The day did not begin well for me, high siding in practice and qualifying in 7th position, but it only got better from there on and I ended up taking the overall win for the day in both S1 and Open Tar. What more could I ask for!!! I am very blessed to have a great team behind me Pelotrain/Race Nation Honda and then all my other sponsors who make this all possible, Scott, Monster, Von Zipper, Castrol, Wetherd , Pulse Racing Products, Concept2Rowers, Rocktech, Airoh, Alpinestars, Dashblack, Mkulu Plant and 2 Brothers. Thank you all for you support it is much appreciated.”

Michael now leads the National S1 Championship and plans on keeping it for the rest of the year!


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