Pelotrain/Race Nation Honda Polokwane Supermoto Circuit National Report

With Michael strong and fit again after last years injury and not being able to complete the complete National Series due to a broken femur and shoulder, Michael was eager to get back to his winning way on his Pelotrain/Race Nation Honda CRF450.

Lots of close racing action was the order of the day at the Polokwane circuit in the Limpopo Province at the opening round of the 2011 National Supermoto Championship with a full field in all the classes that entertained the spectators in the seething heat.

Qualifying saw Michael obtain 5th place on the grid with a 1.10.787 behind fellow competitors Bircher in 4th, Frerichs in 3rd, Smythe in 2nd and Capper in 1st.  Michael came back from qualifying noting that he felt uneasy on the bike and that it was snaking underneath him threatening to wash out all the time. After a few adjustments to Michael’s suspension it was all sorted out.

Heat one saw Michael with a terrible start that found him pushing his way through the pack from the first turn. Although it was apparent that the adjustments to the suspension had helped it was still obvious that Michael was not completely one with the machine… there was a missing link between man and beast. None the less Michael managed to finish with a podium position of 3rd for heat 1 behind fellow competitors Bircher and Smythe.

Heat two saw Michael get a better start and revealed that after yet a few more adjustments to the suspension there was a far more confident Kokstar battling it out with the boys. This race had a large cloud of dust hanging over it and the dirt section was as slippery as ice leaving all the riders tackling the dirt with caution. Michael read the race well and rode wide open where he could and with care where necessary, getting him a well-earned 2nd place finish for heat 2 behind fellow competitor Smythe.

The final heat of the day was by far the most exciting and at the same time most nerve racking of them all. Michael got the hole shot and led the race from start to finish while his adoring home town friends and family cheered him on from the side lines while waving their shirts for extra emphasis. If a 4 year old taking off her dress and swinging it around screaming “Go Mikey” doesn’t shout support then I don’t know what does J “It felt great to finish the day off with a heat win and a burnout for my hometown crowd. I had a few technical hiccups at the beginning of the day but I am relatively happy with my 2nd place overall finish. I think it was a good start to the season and I am really looking forward to what’s to come, said a satisfied Kok.”

Having a look at the final results, it is quite clear that hot weather will not be necessary to heat up the battles for the rest of the season. The battle will continue in Cape Town on the 24th of April when all riders will compete to win at Killarney. All the action will be televised on Rapid Motion Dirt Worx on Supersport.

Once again the team would like to thank the following sponsors for making it possible for us to go racing:

Pelotrain Athlete Excellence

Race Nation Honda

Honda South Africa

Venture Sport

Scott Kit

Scott goggles

Scott Helmets

TCX Boots

Wetherd Clothing

Concept2 Rowers

Tim Bosson Engineering

Leatt Brace

Paul’s Specialized Products

GO Chain Wax

GO Dirt bike Detergent 



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