2011 MX Season

With less than 24hrs to go before the 1st National of the year, things have been flatout to say the least getting ready for the event from a team manager and trainers perspective.


The due to unforeseen circumstances the team received their bike 2 weeks ago and since then it has been 100mph getting testing done, parts fitted and made up along with all the other “behind the scene” issues you have getting ready for the season ahead. Luckily thou, we have been riding Honda’s since 2009 so we have had base settings to work off and with the bikes being so good out the box the job was made alot easier for everyone involved and with a strong backing of incredible sponsors everyone has been burning the midnight oil to get everything sorted in time and for that I am really grateful.

The athletes on the team aswell as Pelotrain Supported athletes all traveled to Cape Town and put in alot of hard work to prepare for the National season ahead. I would like to thank Dr Jeroen Swart and Richard Woolrich of Science to Sport for allowing us to use the High Performance Centre for testing of the athletes and to all the athletes for putting in the hours in 40′c during the heat wave we had down here in the Cape during the 4 week camp. To say I was hard on everyone would be an understatement but they all did what they needed with 1 athlete losing 6kg in the process so all was not lost after some 25hr weeks. Will this help them win on Saturday? Who knows, but it will definately give them confidence going into the event.

Lourens van Rensburg from 7 films sent a small crew out to actually film us each day training and has been editing a final copy of it and once that is done I will post up a link for everyone to see. It was alot of fun.

Pelotrain Honda MX Team this year is again looking strong with riders who will once again be in contention for the National titles in their respective classes while also taking more of a interest in SuperMotard for 2011.

The team will comprise of the following riders:

Pro Mini:

Having won the National Championship in this class for the last 2 years,  it is important to the team to make a hat-trick of it in 2011. For this to happen, Pelotrain has signed up hard worker and talented rider Zane Farquharson. Zane spent alot of January in Cape Town with the team as he is from Johannesburg and has shown great speed and work ethic early on. I’m really expecting big things from Zane this year.

Maria Pulinckx will also be riding the Pro Mini class for 2011, this young lady keeps on impressing everyone every year and this year we doubt it will be any different!

MX2 & MX1:

Anthony Reynard returns to the team for the 4th consecutive year. Anthony considered the fittest rider at the Nationals is a machine and a professional and leaves nothing on the table at the end of the race. This goes along way and speaks volumes of an athlete. After finishing 3rd in MX1 and 4th in MX2 in 2010, Anthony will be focusing 2011 in the MX1 class while using the MX2 class as a warm up for the MX1.


Matthew Beers is the new MX2 rider on the team, racing only a short time Matthew finished 5th overall in the Highschool class for 2010 in his 1st year of Nationals and has now moved up to the MX2 class. Matthew however took a big crash in December and broke his T4 and T5 and is out for another 2 months where he will return to the Cape Town National.

MX1 & S1 Motard:

Coming off a huge injury in 2010 Michael Kok will compete in MX1 and S1 Motard Nationals for the team. Michael is a truly gifted athlete and a rider but bad luck and situations have led to the #1 plate being just out of reach. For 2011 Mike has taken things seriously training wise and I am keeping him close under my wing.  To date we are looking like Mike has got his game back. A focused and fit Mike is deadly combination and while being a crowd favourite with his antics off the bike and his celebrations I also expect great things for Mike in 2011.


Multiple South African National Champion Wayne Smith has joined the team for 2011. Wayne has more South African Championships than the country has had presidents and the knowledge he brings to the team will be very helpful to the young riders on the team while hunting down another championship.


The 1st National is held at the Springfield MX Park in Durban, this circuit gets so rough and is often so hot and humid temperature wise so the racing is often very good with the sandy bottom section that gets so, so rough and the upper part of the track that gets choppy with some square edges. The track is also a pretty fast circuit so the racing is often intense and with everyone wanting to come out the gates and get maximum points for the 1st National and show that they have been off the couch and not eating cookies in the 1st round things will be good.

My views on who is who and will be in the hunt for the Championships will be as follows:

Pro Mini:

I see this mainly being a battle between KTM’s Nicholas Adams and Pelotrain Honda’s Zane Farquharson. Nicholas had a great year last year finishing 2nd to Pelotrain Honda’s Calvin Vlaanderan who has now moved up to the 125 Highschool class. Nicholas is a really good rider and in the sand he is also class. Having competed at a few events in Europe last year Nicholas had some good results which has given him great confidence.
Zane finished 5th last year with a DNF’s and his 1st year at Pro mini’s he used it as a “get your feet wet” year. End of the year came and Zane put his head down and has put in huge time and spent alot of time here in Cape Town training getting ready for the year ahead. Alot faster and stronger and with a Regional win under his belt already Zane is ready to take a run for the Championship.

Rounding out the podium I see Natro Freight KTM Bradley Cox, KTM’s Reid Sinnicks and Bad Boy Honda rider Tristan Purdon fighting for 3rd. Either way it will be a great class to watch for the 2011 season.


125 Highschool:

This is a 3 way battle with Pelotrain/Scott KTM rider Calvin Vlaanderan, Red Yamaha’s and defending Champion Brendon Flemming and Pelotrain/Fox rider Bradley Fenton. These 3 seem a small level above everyone else in the class at the moment and the 3 way battle here is going to be a seriously good title chase all the way to the last round.



This is anyone of 5 riders to take, those 5 riders being RedBull KTM’s Kerim Fitzgerald who is back from campaigning in Canada the last 4yrs and is so fast and with new motivation being home he is once again hungry. Red Yamaha/Full Throttle rider Richard vd Westhuizen is on a new team and wants to reclaim the titles he lost out on last year he seems to of had no off-season and seems determined to get them back. Current MX1 and MX2 Champion Wyatt Avis of BadBoy Honda is always lightning fast and the knowledge he has from campaigning in Europe the last 8yrs shows in his riding at every track we race on. Pelotrain Honda Anthony Reynard once again will be hunting for the title and podiums with fellow competitor on Bad Boy Honda Ross Branch who if he stays injury free, which he seems to battle to do every year will be hanging cable like we all know he can. Ross can turn a huge amount of speed but seems to always gets injured which is a pity as it does not show his true talent. I wish him well this year.



I see the same riders upfront in MX1 as in MX2 along with Rockstar KTM’s Darrel Fitzgerald being in the hunt aswell. Darrel also has had a injury filled 2010 and was contemplating calling it a day but has worked hard on getting healthy and fit for 2011 and we all know that once the bug is in you it’s hard to get rid of. Pelotrain Honda rider Michael Kok is now back from injury and everyone know he can twist a throttle proper and is always a threat in every type of race he enters while cant count out the likes of Grant Frerichs in both classes aswell as Portable Shade Honda rider Sascha Naude.

Wow reading those names above the racing is actually going to be off the flip’n hook! Im so exciting now to get to the races and watch these guys trae plastic!!!

Well those are my thoughts and views on the 1st National of the year and once the dust settles tomorrow afternoon I may be so far off on my predictions I may need to go into hiding for a few days cause as we all know in racing that every year some new face comes out and impresses everyone and that is the beauty of this sport. I wish all the riders a safe trip to Durban and a even more safer race on Saturday and I will be updating the days racing on my twitter accountwww.twitter.com/PelotrainRacing so hook on and enjoy the ride.




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