Body-weight and outdoor training

This article and routine is to help the athlete who is tired of always going to the gym to workout or for those who do not have memberships to a gym facility. These can be done anywhere at anytime providing the outside weather is suitable.

The exercises are all bodyweight specific and as noted above can be performed anywhere being it at a recreational park, along the beach, on the beach, in the mountains or even in your office at work, the options are endless. Benefits included in this type of training is that it is totally functional as your body does not work in isolation so to only train your body and muscle groups in isolation is not incorrect but it is not beneficial and to isolate muscle groups for motocross or offroad is also not ideal because in these sports you are not isolating any muscle groups. For example you are not just doing a bicep curl or a leg press for example you are using a range of motions and muscle groups simultaneously. In a gym on treadmills or general cardio machines we are stressing our bodies in a repetitive way where as training outdoors with bodyweight exercises on a unique or different terrain will incorporate large muscle groups and the important and crucial smaller muscle groups that support the larger muscle groups all in 1 which will help develop total body strength.

You will also need limited equipment when doing these types of routines and that is the beauty of body strength training.  You will also become more aware of your body and its workings and you will realise that sometimes old-school training can also be beneficial to you a athlete instead of the scientific based training that many athletes of today follow. Your body was built and designed to its own body weight and therefore from a safety side to injure yourself while performing these types of routines is alot harder than lifting weights in the gym while doing resistance training. Without the weights being used a person is also able to focus solely on the correct form and technique for each exercise one does.

Health wise, many of us are stuck in offices and behind desks all day so to go into a gym holds nothing new in the view many see all day, going outside will break your daily cycle while benefitting you health wise you will boost your immune system by training outdoors and studies have shown it will also decrease ones stress levels while improving your concentration and memory skills while increasing a person’s self esteem and mood. Let’s be honest after spending 80-90% of your day indoors, you are screaming to get out so why go back indoors and train?

With strength and fitness being the main benefiting factor here, once you are become stronger and fitter you will be able to increase the repetitions and intensity along with coming up with different routines as you go. Dependant on where you are and what sources are available to you, you are able to add many more exercises into your routines. Part of keeping this type of training is fun is always looking for new locations to train that may have different obstacles available to you. I often while driving around look for locations to train in outdoors for my athletes, this way it keeps things fun and interesting for my athletes so they do not get stale with the same repetitive training day in and day out and they find it stimulating and fresh.

Here are some exercises that one can do:

Pull ups:
Find a bar, doorway, ledge or anything strong enough to handle your own body weight. Stand under the bar and grab the bar with both hands with either a under or over hand grip. From that position pull yourself up to the bar with your chin over the top of the bar. If need be use a slight jump to get your momentum going:


Tricep Dips:

Find a set of steps, a knee height ledge or similar and place your arms behind you on the ledge/step, you can either place your feet on the floor or balanced on something higher (as shown) from that position lower yourself down keeping your back close to the ledge as possible to a 90’ angle then push yourself back up.


Squat Jumps:

Using a ledge, stairs etc bend down into a full squat, from that position while keeping your core tight and knee stable jump up onto the ledge/stairs landing strong with no movement from your knees left and right.


Stomach leg raises:

Holding onto a ledge, doorway or branch of a tree start with your legs straight and just hanging. From that position using your stomach muscle lift your knees up as high as possible whle keeping the rest of your body stable with no movement.


Push-ups with core stability:

These can be done on a flat surface or at an angle as shown. The angle is harder to do so maybe to start off with use a flat surface. Get into a push up position and do 2 x push-ups and stop in the start position. From that position while engaging your hips and stomach muscles and once secure move 1 arm around and place on back-hold for 3secs then alternate arms.  When performing exercise athletes hips must remain stable when placing arm on lower back. No rocking from the hips is allowed. Once that is completed, go into the push up again and repeat.



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