PE MX National Report

Pelotrain/Race Nation Honda PE National Report

The final round of the South African Nationals was held at the infamous sands of the Port Elizabeth Rover circuit. To those who know, this is South Africa’s version of Southwick and I’m convinced it get as rough!!

The track was awesomely prepared and the racing was going to be great. The only unfortunate thing was the numbers in the classes were down due to a few contributing factors like time of year and riders who are not in the title hunt sitting it out.

The teams day went as follows:

Pro Mini:


Calvin Vlaanderan has been so dominant in this class the beginning of the year on his Honda CRF150. Coming into the event he needed to win the 1st moto and the National Championship was his. After a great start and leading the 1st lap up in the top section of the track Calvin made some form of bobble and rounded the 1st lap in 4th.

Not to be outdone Calvin put his head down and went to work on the field and made short work of them by quickly moving into 1st and leading by 12sec by the end of the moto with a lap time 6 seconds faster than the rest of the field.

Job Done and Calvin was crowned the 2010 South African Pro Mini National Champion. Well done to Calvin and all his supporting sponsors.

Armed with his #1 Jersey for Moto 2 Calvin came out swinging again and took the #1 position and the overall for the day.


Great way to end his run on the little bikes before moving up next year in 2011.




Maria Pulinckx once again put on 2 great results for the only lady racing the Nationals. Maria went 9-7 for 8th overall in the competitive Pro Mini class and once again outdoing a few of the boys which I’m sure left a sour taste in their mouths.

Maria has made great strides this year both physically, mentally and rising wise and I expect good things from the youngster in 2011.


Anthony Reynard has had a huge up and down season in MX2 with winning motos and being knocked out cold in others! Not to be outdone the MX2 class went down to this round with 4 riders being able to take the Championship.

Moto 1 saw Anthony do what he was meant to do by getting ahead of 1 of his main rivals to make up the much needed points to win or finish on the podium for the year. Anthony rode great and fought, as usual to the dire end of the moto only to be outdone by the lack of entries in the class and not able to make up required points.

Anthony finished 4th in the moto and barring a miracle the title hunt was over unfortunately.

Moto 2 was a similar pattern to moto1 and the same of finishing ahead of competition only to make up to little points with few competitors. Regardless Anthony rode to a solid 4th overall again and 4th for the day and 4th for the year.

As they say that is racing and it came down to the wire and we just weren’t on the end of the wire this year but next year we will be back.


Anthony Reynard came out swinging in Moto 1 and was lying a comfortable 2nd in the moto when halfway the clutch never engaged and he stalled the bike momentarily and allowed 3rd place to pass him. Not to be outdone Anthony keep pushing and kept 3rd for the moto. Great result we on the box!

Moto 2 once again saw Anthony have a great race finishing 4th with 3-4 scores for the day landed up tie 3rd for the day but finished 3rd overall for the year in the MX1 class. Great effort from the Ironman of the team.

Overall I am very happy with the way 2010 went for the team, I know they left nothing on the table at anytime and to me that is what it’s about. I also say this at the end of every report but a huge shoutout has to go to our sponsors, without them we are unable to go racing. Their support this year has been incredible and the backing they have given us is world class.

I really can’t thank them enough and with new sponsors picked up during the year for the 2011 season I can only see the team once again going from strength to strength.

Special thanks goes to:

Pelotrain Athlete Excellence
Race Nation Honda
Honda South Africa
Venture Sport
Scott Kit
Scott goggles
Airoh Helmets
TCX Boots
PVM Nutrition
FCR Suspension
Tim Bosson Engineering
Leatt Brace
Paul’s Specialized Products
Dirt Nurse Dirt bike Cleaner
Concept2 Rowers
Wackem Racing



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