Pelotrain/Race Nation Honda Cape Town National Report

The 3rd round of the South African National Motocross Championship was held at the Melkbos 4 x 4 facility in Cape Town this past Easter weekend. The track was newly designed and got unbelievably rough throughout the day which lead to some unreal battles throughout the day in all the class.


With it being many of the team member home National they were eager to impress their home crowd. The days racing went as follows:


Pro Mini:




Zane’s day didn’t go according to plan, although he walked away with tied 2nd for the day but got 3rd due to his 2nd Moto score, Zane was still disappointed. In Moto 1 Zane got into 2nd and made a brilliant pass on Tristan Purdon and start to open up a gap and with 2 laps to go slid out in the back section of the track and go down. He quickly remounted but had lost the lead finishing 2nd.


Moto 2 saw Zane round the 1st lap in 3rd of which was lead by a girl but more on that later, Zane then hit a downed rider again with 2 laps to go and struggled to start the bike which relegated him to 3rd for the moto and as mentioned finished 3rd overall for the day.


Zane still lies 2nd overall in Championship with 3 rounds to go and is still able to take the Championship.


Zane MX




Maria had a great weekend once again against the boys and this time really handing it to her. Moto 1 saw Maria round the 1st turn in 11th position. She put her head down and charge up to 6th by just over the midway point only to go down at the back part of the track relegating her to 11th.  Still with some fight in her she came back to a solid 8th position.

Moto 2 saw Maria holeshot and lead the race for a lap, it was so awesome to watch her lead a race, never mind a National. She did however get passed by the 3 main contenders in the class but managed to hang onto 4th which left her with 6th overall for the day.

Fantastic result for her.



125 Highschool Class:


Calvin had a brilliant day, although he went 2-1 for the overall the way he rode the 1st moto was incredible by never giving up and charging to the end.

Moto 1 Saw fellow Pelotrain Athlete Justin Mittens get the holeshot with Calvin in 2nd, Calvin went down and put his head down and charge hard like a man possessed to catch up to Justin where they battled hard only with Calvin again dropping it in a tight right hander with 2 laps to go. This gave Justin the gap he needed to take the win and Calvin come in 2nd.

Moto 2 saw Calvin get the holeshot and keep the lead to the end which gave him the overall for the day.





Moto 1 saw Anthony round the 1st lap in 3rd behind RedBull KTM rider Kerim Fitzgerald and Red Yamaha/FullThrottle rider Richard van der Westhuizen The pace upfront was serious with Kerim and Richard going at each other with Anthony watching the action. About halfway into the moto Richard Yamaha unfortunately started to splutter and cough leaving Keri and Anthony make the pass. The race ended with Anthony taking 2nd behind Kerim.

Moto 2 saw Pro Action KTM rider Ryan Angilly get the holeshot with Richard and Anthony in tow, Richard made the pass on Ryan early with Anthony making the pass soon after and the 2 pulled a good lead on the others. Disaster struck again for Richard after the step up and he went down. Anthony took the lead and checked out for the remaining 10min of the moto. Kerim got into 2nd by the end of the moto.

Kerim and Anthony tied on points with their 2-1 and 2-1 results but with Anthony’s 2nd moto win he took overall honors for the day




The boy works so hard and after coming back from a broken neck Matthew was so excited to race again. The goal was a top 10 for Matt for the day and his day went like this:

Moto 1 saw Matt get a mid pack start and he started to put his head down and charge, he came back up the field well only to hit a tyre on the side of the track and go down. Never despondent he got back to 12th by the end of the moto.

Moto 2 saw a better start and work his way to 10th by the end of the moto with his fastest lap at the end of the moto showing that his rehab and hard work is no paying off. Ending off 10th overall for the day Matt achieved what we set out to do. 



Pelotrain has 2 riders in this class for 2011 namely Anthony Reynard and Michael Kok.

Anthony Reynard:

After setting the fastest time in practice Anthony was happy with his new motor from Tim Bosson but we all know that winning practice or qualifiers means little when the gate drops.

Moto 1 saw Anthony get a decent jump out the gate and round the corner in 3rd only to go down hard on lap 4. Remounting and putting on a hard charge Anthony came back to 4th for the moto.

Moto 2 saw Anthony get a 3rd place start and hold behind Red Yamaha/FullThrottle Richard van der Westhuizen and Rockstar KTM rider Darrel Fitzgerald who got the holeshot and was hanging serious cable!! Richard got passed Darrel after a ding-dong battle only for then Anthony and Darrel to go at it so hard for the remainder of the race which was unreal to see the 1 rider trying to pass and another doing everything to stop him.

In the end Anthony got passed Darrel and got 2nd for the moto and also giving him 2nd overall for the day.



Moto1 saw Mike get the Holeshot and proceed to check out in a hurry, at the 10min mark Mike unfortunately dropped it in the rough right hander, battling to start his bike Mike got going again and ended off 9th in the moto. Visibly upset over it Mike vowed to come out and make amends in moto 2.

Moto2 saw Mike have the bit between his teeth but go down in a pile of sand with another 4-5 riders on the 1st lap. Remounting and putting on a hard charge, Mike worked his way up the field into the top 10 while proceeding to have a cracker battle with PortableShade Honda rider Sascha Naude.

Mike ended up 8th overall for the day, disappointing result overall  but showed he has the speed to run upfront but needs to stay out of some bad luck!



Wayne Smith:

Wayne rode 2 solid motos in MX3, In Moto 1 Wayne rounded the 1st lap in 3rd and held onto the position all the way to the end without being challenged. In Moto 2 Wayne was again 3rd only to drop it in the back section of the track and relegating himself to 5th by the time he got going again. With ¾ of the race done, Wayne charged back to 3rd for the moto while achieving 3rd overall for the day.

Great result and good charging in moto 2 from Wayne.


Overall a solid result for the team and the team spirit is also god within the team and that plays a important role in the team dynamics.

The teams next National will be at the Bloemfontein track in the FreeState in June

I would like to personally thank the following sponsors for all their help and support, without them none of this would be achievable.

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