Thought process of a Champion

Many people ask me what will it take to become a winner, if I knew the answer or the science to that question I would be typing this from my Chalet in the Bahamas somewhere trying not to spill my Pina Colada over the keyboard. But I will say that winners become winners due to the decisions they make.

When entering a race a rider will have to make numerous decisions over and over again for the duration of their race or moto and during that race they will make some very good decisions and some not so good decisions which will be related to bike handling, changing track conditions etc. What I have noticed is that winners always seem to make clever decisions during the race and they seem to stick to the ability to make a hard decision and stick to it where other don’t.

To me that in itself is a skill that separates winners or potential winners from the rest of their competitors during that race and season because they have the confidence in themselves to make a decision and stick to it instead of chopping and changing everything should something not go according to plan.

Everyone dreams of victory in some form or another, it’s a natural occurrence for anyone who races, whether it is a local club race, National or World title, many riders don’t get to experience the feeling of winning as very few riders get to win in a season which unfortunately often leads to the athlete to lose confidence in their ability and seek alternative methods while making alternative decisions in order to achieve their specific goals instead of looking at the crucial moments and to be honest more importantly the confidence to stick to the decision they originally had made.

Personally I try install into the riders I work with to make a decision and stick to it, it makes you a better rider and an overall athlete and helps you keep focus while getting closer to your goals. As said earlier you will make some good and some bad decisions but sticking to what you have set out for yourself is the 1st step to winning and is basically a win in itself and a step forward to becoming a better rider as that alone separates ordinary riders from Champions.


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