Energy Systems

Your body is a machine and like any machine it needs energy to power it. Understanding how its energy systems work and interact with each other will put our workouts into context and direct our training. Training the wrong energy

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Different Types of Exercise

Different types of exercise make your body do different things. The benefits, therefore, vary. Some are good for the heart, others increase your muscular strength, many are great for burning fat.

Choosing the type of exercise that suits you will

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Endurance Training

Endurance training: understanding your slow twitch muscle fibres will boost performance

Muscles – like the rest of the body – are made up of cells, and in muscles these cells form muscle fibres. What are muscle fibres?

Muscles –

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Brains Response to Exercise

The part of the brain which prepares our bodies for exercise, and controls our circulation and breathing while we exercise, has been identified by Oxford researchers.

A team from Oxford’s Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics has identified the brain

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Recovery Methods for Endurance Athletes

In the last decade more and more athletes, and knowledgeable coaches have been focusing on recovery from their workouts in order to speed one’s recovery from the immediately preceding workout, achieve the full benefit of the workout during the resistance

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