Pelotrain/Race Nation Honda Port Elizabeth National Motocross Report

The 2nd  round of the South African National Motocross Championship was held at the Sandy track of Rover Motocross club in Port Elizabeth (PE)  this past weekend. The track is a total sand track and gets unbelievably rough

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Different Types of Exercise

Different types of exercise make your body do different things. The benefits, therefore, vary. Some are good for the heart, others increase your muscular strength, many are great for burning fat.

Choosing the type of exercise that suits you will

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Carbohydrates-forget the rest

The role of carbohydrates in sports performance might be one of the most thoroughly researched topics in the field of sports nutrition, but that doesn’t stop it constantly throwing up new surprises! Read any biochemistry textbook on carbohydrates nutrition and

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Brains Response to Exercise

The part of the brain which prepares our bodies for exercise, and controls our circulation and breathing while we exercise, has been identified by Oxford researchers.

A team from Oxford’s Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics has identified the brain

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Anaerobic Training

Benefits of Anerobic training are the following:

Anaerobic training maximizes cardiovascular capacity and oxygen uptake. The body is trained to perform in high intensity at maximum output. Training occurs over the anaerobic threshold, or at 90-100% of maximal heart rate,

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Basic Cardio Training

A lot of people have been mailing me lately and asking what they can do to improve themselves for MX or Enduro riding. Most of them are the novice to Intermediate rider with little or no training experience. What I

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Recovery Methods for Endurance Athletes

In the last decade more and more athletes, and knowledgeable coaches have been focusing on recovery from their workouts in order to speed one’s recovery from the immediately preceding workout, achieve the full benefit of the workout during the resistance

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Endurance Training

Endurance training is quite a broad sweeping term. It’s often used interchangeably with terms like “aerobic”, “anaerobic”, “strength” and “speed”. This section of the website focuses primarily on aerobic endurance conditioning and the various training methods that have been

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