Train like you want win practice-competing will be easy

Many times you hear parents, coaches, friends and team captions say “Just go out and have some fun” just before a big competition, game or race but in all seriousness athletes wether they are Professional or Semi Professional they do not train 6-7 days a week to “Go and have some fun”.

Many athletes 9 out of 10 times do not do this due to many factors which will lead to consequences should they not go out there and give it their all, for example there is failure, loss of contract and in most cases defeat as the competition will most times dominate and end up winning the competition or game.

With Top level athletes when they are competing they are in the ”zone” for that period of time or “in the moment” and all other outside influences are blocked out and there is a serious concentration level and intensity and often when that full circle or concentration level is disturbed the athlete often lets alot of things slip from his/her fingers and things seem to go downhill from there on out unless they can correct the issues quickly and make the necessary changes. Many athletes can’t make these corrections and adapt to the moment cause they are in unfamiliar territory and don’t know who to handle it. This and is when commentators or spectators say that have “cracked” as the moment or competition was so serious and focused that if something goes wrong they often don’t know how to correct it.

Competing in competitions/games or races means putting everything out of your mind for that particular time and focusing on the job at hand when you train you need to focus on your weak points in order to make them stronger and your stronger points better while leaving nothing uncovered in you preparation and making sure everything is in place for you to go out and do your best job possible and this will give you the best chance and put you in the right place to win or achieve your personal best both physically and mentally.

This means that when you train it is not play sessions or un focused training, it is a serious effort and you have to approach training with even more seriousness, intensity and purpose than when you go to compete as that is when all the hard work and homework is done and the end product is actually going out and having fun when you compete and hopefully win or achieve that personal best. If you do not approach your training seriously, how will you learn to turn your mindset when it comes to competition time as it is not a familiar circumstance you are used to and when you do focus heavily on training sessions then you will go into competitions knowing the intensity or mindset required to perform at your best in that situation and placing yourself in that winning position and mindset.

I personally believe that if you focus your mindset on taking your training and prep work seriously you will actually enjoy competing while going out and having fun and therefore being more relaxed will result in better results all round.

Give it a try, you have nothing to lose.


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