Pelotrain 2011 Season report

With the Motocross and SuperMotard season now over for 2011, it has been one hell of a ride for the Pelotrain team in many good ways.

The season started early this year in February and to say the riders went into the 1st Motocross National of the year little behind on testing and riding time would be correct due to the fact that we only received bikes late January 2 weeks prior to the National. Not to be outdone the team rode to good solid results from then on out and never looked back on anything and also left nothing on the table. More than that I could not ask for.

This year I ran things alittle different, I had the Official Pelotrain Honda team which included Michael Kok, Anthony Raynard, Maria Pulinckx, Zane Farquharson, Wayne Smith and Matthew Beers.

In addition to that I had Calvin Vlaanderan and Justin Mittens riding 125cc 2-Strokes in the Highschool class under the Pelotrain banner only.

The year was split up mainly on motocross but Wayne Smith and Michael Kok cross road and also competed in the National Motard Championship.


The year of motocross went well for the Pelotrain Honda team, each rider being totally committed to the job at hand for the season made work and the environment easy to be in for the year. The professionalism each rider brought was something I thoroughly enjoyed and made the team easy to work with.

Below are the individual riders results for the year.

Zane Farquharson:
1st AMU Pro Mini Champion
2nd South African Pro Mini National Championship
Represented South Africa in Belgium Coupe De’Laviner in Pro Mini class.

Zane left nothing on the table this year at any of his races and with some bad luck throughout the season, not to his own doing, didn’t help complete a clean run that the title. With that being said, Zane last year would of found a top 10 placing an achievement in the class and he put in huge time and effort to make the strides he has this year in order to make a healthy run at the National Championship.


Maria Pulinckx:
5th Pro Mini National Championship.

Maria is like wine, she gets better with age and Maria often ruins many youngsters day when she repeatedly beats them at their own game in motocross. Maria is a real talent and moving out of the Pro Mini class for 2012 will only help her due to her size and I see many big things in the future for Maria in both Motocross and Supermotard as she raced 3 National Supermotard events this year gaining a heat win in the last round.


Matthew Beers:Breaking his neck in the offseason Matthew had a long road to recovery. He came back to race after missing 3 rounds of the Nationals and our goals were to get a top 10 by the end of the season. Matthew accomplished that and went onto improve every National.

Matthew has left to go and stay in America at the Millsaps Training Facility for 2012 and with Matthews work ethic I see him doing well and reaching goals he has set out for himself. I wish him well and found it a pleasure to work with Matthew the last 2yrs.


Wayne Smith:
2nd MX3

Well there isn’t much to be said about Wayne that hasn’t been said. Wayne has been around forever and when I say forever I mean FOREVER! He has multiple SA titles under his name and they keep on counting up. Wayne was leading the National Championship in MX3 until a big off in East London in both heats de-railed his chase alittle coming into the last round. Never to be outdone, Wayne still gave it all he had but came up alittle short to fall into 2nd position.


Anthony Raynard:
3rd MX2
5th MX1
Chosen to represent and Captain the South African Coupe De’Laviner Team in Belgium

Anthony had a good year again in 2011 and got to experience some International racing in Belgium where he captained the SA team. A flat tyre in MX1 at the 1st National of the year left Anthony playing catch up all year in the class but managed to come from 9th to 5th by the last round which in all respects was a solid result.

MX2 was alittle different being on his Fourstroke250 against the mighty 2 Stroke 250 but not to be outdone and Honda supplying us with unreal machinery he managed to finish 3rd overall and the 1st fourstroke home. Next year the class will be fourstroke only which will even the playing field alot going into next season.

Michael Kok:
6th MX1

A full year back after a broken femur and shoulder in 2009 Michael showed the talent he is capable of in Motocross.
His 6th overall is not a true reflection of what Mike is capable of and a DNF in round 1 also derailed his overall result for the year but now Mike has his confidence back heading into the 2012 season and everyone knows a confident Mike is dangerous.


In Addition the Pelotrain Motocross team season was also great:

Calvin Vlaanderan:
1st Highschool Championship
10th 125 World Championship, Cingoli, Italy
Top 10 results in European 125 events
Represented South Africa at Coupe De’Laviner

Calvin has had a fantastic year since coming off mini’s last year where he also won the Championship Nationally. His outing to the World Championships and selected European 125 races were very successful and he has opened some eyes to team over there that will be looking at his services for 2012. I wish Calvin all the luck and well wishes in the world in making his dream of racing professionally a reality.


Justin Mittens:
3rd Highschool Championship
Competed World Championship, Cingoli, Italy

After only coming back to race the Nationals after the 1st round due to a off season Knee operation, Justin made no time of showing that he is a contender for the title. The only rider all year to take a moto win off Calvin.

Justin also attended the World Championships in Italy but with solid laptimes, even in qualifiers bad luck dogged Justin and he was unable to qualify for the main event which was heart breaking to say the least.
Justin is a very hard worker and with a full year now under his belt I see good things ahead for Justin in 2012 and beyond.

The Supermotard Championship went in solid directions with Michael Kok being crowned the S1 National Champion and Wayne Smith being crowned the Masters National Champion.This is also the 1st time in 9yrs that Honda have won a National Motard Championship and I feel honoured to of worked with Honda, Wayne and Michael in order to achieve this.

All in all, the year was a brilliant one for me, the team and the riders I believe. Each one setting out individual goals and achieving them and that is what the sport and everyone involved is about and I would personally like to thank all the following sponsors for the unreal support throughout 2011. Without them none of the above would have been possible:

Pelotrain Athlete Excellence, Race Nation Honda,Honda South Africa, Venture Sport, Scott Kit, Scott goggles, Scott Helmets, Airoh Helmets, TCX Boots, Wetherd Clothing, Pulse Racing Products, Concept2 Rowers, Tim Bosson Engineering, Leatt Brace, Paul’s Specialized Products, GO Chain Wax, GO Dirt bike Detergent.

Once again, thanks to everyone involved in supporting this team of athletes and riders and coming to show your support at races. Without you guys, we have nothing.

Yours in Sport,

John Wakefield


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